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Online classes are for most of us a new way of practicing. Please read carefully the notes below in order to be safe and to benefit the most from our classes:

- Make sure that you have not had a meal for at least two ours before class, ideally three.

- Make sure that there is fresh air in the room, throughout the practice, especially however, during the breathing exercises.  If you feel cold, better to put some extra layers of clothes on.

- Ideally the room or the corner you are practicing, should be clean, tidy and should feel nice.  It's good if you use the same space every time you practice.

- Throughout the practice be very mindful of your body's capacity and do not force yourself to do anything that does not feel comfortable.  During each posture, you are making an effort, but at the same time, be watchful that the breath is flowing, that you are able to smile and that you are not in pain.

- We almost always practice the sun salutation during our classes.  Please click here for precise instructions.

- We also practice the alternate nostril breathing which is important that it is done correctly.  Please                                  for instructions.


-  If you need to leave the class earlier, please make sure that you spend at least 5-10 minutes in Shavasana, lying on your back and relaxing, allowing your body to absorb the benefits of the class.


- During the zoom class we will be showing all the exercises and will also be talking you through them.  As it is very difficult to be watching the little squares on the screen we will not be correcting any of your postures.  If something does not feel right or you are not sure about it, you can either ask us at the end of the class, or if it's important for the continuation of the class, you can unmute your microphone and ask us during the class.  

- Once you are confident that you know the exercises and you do not really need to be looking at the screen all the time, in order to benefit the most from the classes, concentrate on the spoken instruction and allow yourself to fully absorb your attention inwards.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you online!!!

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