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Sundays at Yoga Heart

Sundays at Yoga Heart are events organised by Yoga Heart and Nefeli Nine Retreats, where we are providing a safe space to bring people together, for sharing, exchanging, learning, practicing and having fun.  Everyone is welcome to participate!

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19th of March 2023

Hike in Sesi and seaside lunch

Steph will lead us along a wonderful walk with stunning views overlooking the sea in the East Coast of Attica.  Along the way we will stop to practice some gentle Chi Kung sequences that will help you connect with yourself and the surroundings.  We will have a fish lunch by the sea and the brave ones can jump in the water!

Cost:  Free event (everyone pays for their own lunch)


2nd of April 2023

SatiDynamic with Evi Choutou

Train your Awareness and find your true “presence” through movement!

In these hectic times, we need to rediscover our roots and be grounded. But we also need to be in touch with our instincts and intuitions, our feelings and emotions.

We need to stay centered in our movement, without losing touch with the movement of the world. In this modern, chaotic world, bringing awareness into ourselves and our relationships is the only way to see clearly, maintain healthy relationships and live with health and consistency.

In this workshop, our mindful movement will take us into an experiential journey within our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our relationships. We will bring light to all that we usually avoid seeing, but which are really fundamental in order to live a life at our full potential.

Get ready for a journey of exploration, discovery and transformation!

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Hours: 10.00 - 16.00

Lunch included

Cost: Euro 60

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