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Yoga Heart is a place of practice, growth, nurturing and community.  Here, you will find information about our regular sessions, our wellness treatments, as well as our seminars, workshops and events. Yoga Heart is filled with calm and bright spaces, offering a supportive and safe place to turn inwards and explore ways to a joyful existence, all in the spirit of a yoga heart.  Take a look at the services we offer to help you find inner peace and tranquility.

Dear friends of Yoga Heart,

Welcome back! I hope you've had a good summer! After a very active summer in Sifnos, with many classes and a fantastic yoga holiday retreat, classes are resuming in Kifisia on the 4th of September.  Please look at the class schedule, and send me a note if you would like to join.


The need for community is more prevalent than ever, so we are organising different events, workshops and seminars. Please keep in touch and regularly check our website for announcements.  A new issue of the newsletter is also in the making, ready for distribution shortly.

Community Events 
at Yoga Heart!
Join us!

We will play, learn,
exchange, have fun!

Yoga Heart Newsletters:

Upcoming Workshops/Seminars
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Yoga classes
meditation classes


 Asana, Pranayama, Meditation

A practice of physical exercise for balancing the body (Asanas), breathing exercises for settling and controlling the mind (Pranayama), in preparation for the state of meditation, where one can experience peace.  Impoves strength, concentration and relieves anxiety and stress.


Turning Inwards

Meditation is a state, where one allows everything to simply be in the deepest possible way, letting go of every effort to control and to manipulate experience.
With practice, one forms an inner composure of stillness and stability within oneself, releasing anxiety, improving concentration, experiencing peace.


 Balancing your energy flow

Qi Qong and Tai Chi, a series of breathing exercises and physical movements promoting a good flow of energy in the body.  It is applicable to all ages and it does not require any special skills, other than a simple state of good physical health. Older people can easily practice and feel a sense of wellbeing and internal satisfaction.

Therapies and wellness
rent a space for your seminar
communty events in kifisia


Relaxation and healing

At Yoga Heart you can choose from a wide range of holistic massages and treatments, with very experienced and caring practitioners.


Broaden your horizons

With our wide international network of teachers, we are offering at Yoga Heart a number of short term and longer term workshops and seminars, that widen your practical experience and theoretical knowledge.



We share with you open days, fun and interesting gatherings, where you will meet like minded people, exchange ideas, practice, learn, laugh and enjoy.



Irodotou 20 Kifisiá 14563

Tel.: +30 6944 202112

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