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Yoga for Climbers

Having a 19 year old son who is an avid climber, and watching him and his fellow athlete friends, training on rock and towards competitions, I have been observing their bodies building incredible strength, and flexibility, and achieving amazing results.  As they

grow older however, I also see their whole bodies hardening up, not only their fingers, and those who are not flexible by nature are trying to force their bodies to open up, in ways that are not always effective and sometimes even result to injuries.

I have been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching for 15.  From my experience, the breathing, the flow and the positions of yoga, help to ease the body and open up, without force. The breath strengthens through breathing exercises and through the different positions.  It supports moments of difficulty, strain or intense effort. The combination of the postures and the breath allow the energy to circulate unimpeded, leaving one feeling vibrant.  Yoga will stretch and create space in denser areas in the body and in combination with the breath, will release any holdings or blocks.  Yoga will also help you enter deep relaxation states, which will rejuvenate you.

After a yoga session you should feel strong, open, well stretched, relaxed, and you will learn how to use your breath as a tool to control the body and the mind, to support you in difficult times, not only while climbing but in life in general.

Rock Climbing and yoga


Session 1:  Tuesday the 28th of June at 7.30 - 8.30 UK time

Session 2: Thursday the 30th of June at 18.30 -17.30 UK time

Platform: Zoom

Cost:   £7 for 1 session, £20 for 4 sessions within a month.

If you would like to join, please send me an email on or on whatsapp, +30 6944 202112

I will send you the payment details and the zoom link.

Lia Constantinides yoga and meditation
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