I started practicing Yoga in 1990. My practice has been enriched and transformed over the years under the precious guidance of several teachers that I have had ...


Being half Greek, half British and educated in the UK at a highly academic and competitive boarding
school I was never entirely comfortable within myself nor in...


Hello! My name is Maria Chrysocheraki and I would like to be part of your yoga journey. I started practicing yoga in 1986 and for many years practiced some of t...


I started practicing Eva Ruchpaul's Hatha Yoga, while  I was  still a professional lawyer. In 2010 I graduated from a three-year training program at the "Instit...


I was born and raised in S.Africa.  After completing my studies in Greece and London and countless career choices my inquisitive nature led me to discover the u...


Through the art of dance with which I have been involved most of my years,I discovered the magic and the wisdom of the human body. I wanted to experiment  with ...


Thodoris is a graduate of the college of Physical Education and Sports Science of Athens. He has done his thesis on how athletes can improve their fitness and e...


After learning and practicing Tai Chi for a long time with my teachers Tew Bunnag, and Julie Xigaki, I felt it was my time to share this knowledge and experience with others.    Tai Chi is an internal self-defense martial art and this aspect is everywhere, in every move. It also has however, a very strong healing dimension for health and inner well being, improving our quality of life and easing stress, tension and anxiety. By regularly practicing the various Tai Chi forms and Qi Qong exercises, we can eventually approach the ultimate goal, which is meditation in movement, peace inside, harmonious coexistence with the environment around us and better living.

I am looking forward to seeing you in one of my classes and continuing this journey together.  Metta.


I have been practising with Tai Chi since 2008. I mainly practice Tai Chi Chuan Yang style, and various kinds of Chi Kung. I recently acquired the title of Tai Chi Teacher of the "Tai Chi Chuan European School" from its founder, Tew Bunnag.

Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung has fundamentally transformed my life. By acting as a guide to dealing with anxiety, and the stresses of the everyday. In finding harmony and balance, empowering myself and my body, and enjoying the simple things of life.

I would like to share the experiences I have gained along this path and the ways in which each of us can expand our connection to the inner and outer world. Developing empathy, empowering health, fitness, and well-being, to become the best version of ourselves.

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